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Why didn t Vader kill Palpatine?
Darth Vader's deep hatred for Emperor Palpatine grants him power, but also inflates Palpatine's importance in his life, making him impossible to kill. In Vader's latest adventure, it is implied that he hates Palpatine more than himself, recognizing him as the most important thing in his universe.Darth Vader doesn't fear the Emperor, he despises him, just as Vader so vehemently despises himself. So, if not Palpatine, who could Vader possibly fear Well, the answer is deceptively simply, yet incredibly shocking all at the same time: Luke Skywalker.Vader's innate talent with the Force would have made him more powerful than Palpatine, if not for Palpatine meddling in his life from a young age. As it stands, Palpatine's influence over Vader was too great for Vader's strength to overcome, forcing him to take Palpatine down when he was prone and unaware.

Was Palpatine cruel to Vader : Multiple times throughout the canon Marvel comics series titled Darth Vader, Palpatine attacks Vader every time he shows weakness. He often refers to Vader as a tool that can be discarded when he is no longer of any use, and yet still Vader obeys.

Did Palpatine know Vader would kill him

Return of the Jedi, however, proved that Palpatine had a significant blind spot. There were plenty of warning signs Palpatine could have heeded that Vader might turn on him, and yet his ignorance and arrogance led to his decisive downfall.

Did Palpatine actually care about Vader : No, Palpatine did not care even in the slightest for Vader. Sheev only had affection for himself. He cared for Vader only as a tool and weapon.

And even tortured him at times this wasn't where his fear came from his fear came from the fact that if he ever lost Sidious. After losing both the Jedi Order.

All the galaxy. Trembled at the mere mention of his name lord vader if from the darkness. You heard his breathing. You already knew it was far too late seemingly the master of fear.

Who is stronger than Vader

4 Darth Sidious

The only Sith Lord who actually killed Vader, Darth Sidious kept his apprentice in line for over two decades. His true advantage was Force lightning, a power which would wreak havoc on the suit keeping him alive.Palpatine knew Vader had to betray him, so he tried to diminish Vader's power in a few ways.No, Palpatine did not care even in the slightest for Vader. Sheev only had affection for himself. He cared for Vader only as a tool and weapon.

As Darth Vader, he was one of the strongest beings in the entire galaxy. But even then, he was never able to surpass his master, Darth Sidious.

How much did Vader hate Palpatine : Darth Vader Hated Palpatine More Than Even The Jedi

Vader's very existence as Sith was effectively a cage in which he could never escape servitude to Palpatine.

Was Palpatine ever nice to anyone : From the moment Palpatine began to plot his takeover, nothing he did was out of the goodness of his heart. Everything would transpire in a way that would give him power, and any niceties were a way to fool his enemies into underestimating him.

Did Vader regret becoming a Sith

The short answer is yes, without a doubt, Vader regretted becoming a cybernetic monstrosity. First, there's the constant pain and discomfort from his suit. Worse, however, is the psychological pain. Vader destroyed everything he had ever known for a chance to save Padme.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

1 Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan faced off against Darth Vader four times and physically beat him twice while beating him through his Force development in a third fight. Obi-Wan Kenobi had the high ground that led to Vader's disfigurement and becoming the ultimate Star Wars cyborg.Let's start with the strongest. First, we have Darth Vader. He managed to avoid his destiny for decades, choosing to travel the universe killing people instead. However, the fact that he eventually took on the role of the Emperor was a testament to his fighting skill and ability to harness the dark side.

What Jedi did Vader fear : Skill not to mention the fact that obi-wan was able to beat him already the fact that kenobi had been able to outlast. And outsmart a young and very powerful chosen one back in the day left darth