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Is Snoke just a clone of Palpatine?
Creation. Snoke was an artificial strandcast whose creation was the result of the Sith Eternal's genetic experiments on Exegol.Mace Windu. Now, Snoke is not the Emperor, he's a mere clone of him, a puppet. However, this does not mean he's weak. The Supreme Leader has great knowledge in the dark side and has perform a few feats of his own and was almost near Palpatine's power.In the infinite multiverse, there is surely a reality in which these theories were confirmed and Snoke was indeed Darth Plagueis, which would have spelled a very different story for the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and likely changed most of its major moments.

Is Snoke more powerful than Palpatine : When it comes to combat skills, there's no question that Palpatine was far more capable with a lightsaber in his hands than Snoke. Not many people can launch into a 920 corkscrew spin from a prone position and that includes the Supreme Leader.

Is Jar Jar Binks a Sith Lord

Summary. Jar Jar Binks's clumsiness may not be genuine, but rather an act to disguise his true nature as a Sith Lord infiltrating the Republic. Palpatine carefully orchestrated events to manipulate the galaxy, and Jar Jar's involvement suggests he may have been the eyes and ears on Naboo.

Is Snoke a failed clone : His cloning process was unsuccessful which left him believing that he was a droid.

Now, this points out another fan theory that suggests that Snoke is Darth Plagueis, the midi-chlorian manipulator Dark Lord Sith, who trained Darth Sidious. As with Darth Vader, they may have known each other or at least been aware of each other, but they are not the same character.

Why didn't Snoke use a lightsaber – Quora. Some Sith held such a mastery over the Force that a lightsaber would have simply slowed them down. Sith like Snoke were so old and had such vast knowledge about the Dark Side that a lightsaber seemed almost archaic to them, a symbol of a more primitive time.

Is Darth Plagueis Anakin’s father

However, given that this confirmation was never made into the movie, nor was it ever revisited, the idea that Darth Plagueis created Anakin remains just a theory. The same applies to whether Palpatine created Anakin, which has never been confirmed by the Star Wars canon.It's possible Snoke may have been intended to be a Grysk, an alien race from the Unknown regions describes as having deep-set eyes and having ships so large they blot out the star.Even though he's not a Sith. And does not identify with the same philosophy. I have actually speculated in the past that similarly to kylo Ren this could be one of the major.

Snoke and his many copies were not a clone of any known individual the way the Clone Army soldiers were modified copies of Jango Fett. Nor was he a one-for-one recreation of a previous body like Palpatine's clone body. Snoke was an entirely new being made from scratch, and Dr.

Is Kylo Ren a Sith : History. A dark side warrior with a mysterious past, Kylo Ren was neither Jedi nor Sith, but a product of both sides' teachings. Once an apprentice of Luke Skywalker's, he killed his fellow students and drove Skywalker into exile, becoming a First Order warlord and servant of Supreme Leader Snoke.

Who is the most evil Sith Lord : Darth Sidious

Emperor Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious, is often regarded as the embodiment of evil in the Star Wars universe. His cunning manipulation and orchestration of galactic events, including the rise of the Galactic Empire, showcase his mastery of the dark side of the Force.

What is the saddest clone death

The two clones actually met their demise in the same arc. Hardcase and Waxer. In my opinion the saddest death was 99's death and every time I see it I can't help but tear up. The second saddest was 5's he died because everyone thought he was crazy about order 66 when really the Kaminoan drugged him.

Captain Rex

Captain Rex

If one thing could sum up his appeal it would be his steadfast loyalty to not only his brothers in arms, but the Jedi he served alongside during the Clone Wars and to the Republic itself.Even with Palpatine's return, Snoke still wouldn't be considered a Sith, as he wasn't trained as one and he was mostly used as a proxy ruler of the First Order and master of Kylo Ren, tasked with molding him into an heir worthy of inheriting the Sith legacy, but that didn't turn out as expected.

Who trained Snoke : Snoke was his own being, artificially created and unknowingly manipulated by Palpatine to circumvent the apprentice-killing-his-master rule and acting as a test for Kylo to overcome.