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Do the Jedi hate the Sith?
A bunch of Jedi split off and embraced the dark side, and thus a war broke out. The Dark Jedi were defeated and exiled until they found a planet called Korriban and a species called the Sith. These dark siders thought that the Jedi were limiting their knowledge and ability to command the Force.Darth Vader Hated Palpatine More Than Even The Jedi

For all the hate he directed upon himself, he'd come to hate his master just as much if not more, especially after learning that Palpatine had kept the truth about Padmé's death from him for so many years with the reveal that Luke Skywalker was his son.The Jedi in the early stages of their period were thought to be "good" and "peacekeepers" but that wasn't the case. The Jedi were committing genocides on innocents such as the Kaleesh Slaughter and abducting children and forcing them to become a Jedi in their fight against their more villainous counterparts, the Sith.

Are the Sith even bad : Sith, known individually as Sith Lords, are, by nature, ruthless. At any point a single individual assumes absolute authority amongst their kind and is granted the honorific Dark Lord of the Sith. Sith culture is based on perpetual treachery and betrayal.

Do the Sith respect the Jedi

The very nature of the Sith makes them naturally antagonistic towards the light side of the Force and the Jedi in general. Yet, Darth Gravid was far different from this typical stance in many respects. He was among a select few Sith Lords to show genuine affection for his Jedi opponents.

Can a Jedi and Sith fall in love : Until one of the two prevails. A true sith will give up love for the sake of power.

Nope. Not one of Sidious's apprentices was stronger than Vader. And Maul himself openly admitted in Star Wars Rebels that he couldn't defeat Vader. So no,Vader wasn't a weak Sith Lord.

Sidious has Anakin put inside the Darth Vader suit, and purposely hinders its healing capabilities to keep his apprentice in line. Even though Palpatine's kindness towards Anakin was always fake, he still had respect for Anakin's power.

Can Sith be good guy


Since the Sith also have enemies amongst themselves, some of them do the Jedi a favor. Additionally, certain Sith Lords like Darth Vectivus are actually fair and had genuine friends and loved ones as well as concern for others.There is plenty of debate about the immutability of the Jedi's good and the Sith's evil in Star Wars. Some Sith demonstrate decent, honorable, or outright moral behavior compared to their reputation. Others may have done rotten things in their time, yet fans cannot classify them as entirely or inherently evil.Most of the cruelest Sith lords in the Star Wars Universe can be found in both the current canon and Star Wars Legends, but the latter tells of Sith lords with a semblance of courtesy, compassion, and morality. By default Sith lords are rarely friendly, but they're not above using conviviality to get what they want.

Another powerful dark side user during the Sith Empire was Kel'eth Ur. He studied as a Sith until he adopted the Jedi's philosophy of the pursuit of peace, realizing that Sith were ruled by fear. Ur then turned from the dark side and learned the ways of the light, imparting his knowledge to others.

Is Jar Jar Binks a Sith Lord : Summary. Jar Jar Binks's clumsiness may not be genuine, but rather an act to disguise his true nature as a Sith Lord infiltrating the Republic. Palpatine carefully orchestrated events to manipulate the galaxy, and Jar Jar's involvement suggests he may have been the eyes and ears on Naboo.

Do Sith feel fear : -Darth Sidious, Revenge of the Sith

Jedi and Sith alike fear the loss of power, but the Sith choose to harness that fear as a source of strength.

Who is the weakest Darth

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Summary. Darth Vader's intense hatred extends beyond Obi-Wan Kenobi and himself to Emperor Palpatine, as revealed in Star Wars: Darth Vader #39. Vader had to tap into his deep-rooted hatred for Palpatine to overcome a deadly Scourge and destroy a Clone Wars-era droid.

Why was Palpatine so nice to Anakin : Palpatine met Anakin Skywalker shortly after the Battle of Naboo, where he would "Watch [Anakin]'s career with great interest." Following this, Palpatine has poised himself as an understanding figure towards Anakin, who also felt Palpatine was the father he never had, especially since the Supreme Chancellor seemed to …