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Who is the hottest member of Blackpink?
Jennie of BLACKPINK is hands down one of the hottest Kpop idols. She wears her confidence in style and leaves fans mesmerized. Lee Ji-Eun, known as IU, is definitely the most beautiful. She has an aura that attracts many eyeballs.In Korea, who is considered more beautiful, IU or Jisoo IU is considered very attractive and is beloved in Korea. However, Jisoo is probably the “ideal” beauty by Korean standards.Lisa

What are the popularity rankings of the BLACKPINK members 1. Lisa, she has the most following on Instagram and always has been a favorite especially in the west.

Who is the richest BLACKPINK member : Fans worldwide were astounded to learn that Jisoo reigns as the wealthiest member of BLACKPINK. Notably, Jisoo's debut solo EP, “Me,” released in 2023, shattered records with over 1 million pre-orders. The popularity of her single “Flower” has transcended borders, further bolstering her earnings.

Who is the prettiest girl in Blackpink

Answer: Jisoo, an actress and a member of the Korean girl group 'Blackpink', was selected as 'the most beautiful woman in the world'.

Who is more girly in Blackpink : I think Rosé is the most feminine in Blackpink. Jisoo coming in second. I'm not saying that Jennie isn't feminine, she just has that badass/sexy aura around her. Lisa gives off tomboyish vibes.

IU is absolutely gorgeous but Jennie has a unique face and amazing features and I personally feel like IU's features are outstanding but basic. Of course, I am slightly biased to Jennie since I'm a huge blink and I don't really follow IU. But IU is amazingly talented and downright beautiful.

Yes it looks like jisoo has become more popular than rosé . jisoo is getting a lot of hype compared to rosé now .. jisoo is the member with most engagements on instagram in 2020 and she has surpassed rosé in followers ..

Who is the prettiest Blackpink ranked

  • 1 Rosé no question she is beautiful and her charm is so elegant and chic she definitely knows what to wear to impress fansé's because she is just blowing my mind.
  • 2 Lisa I love her bossy yet cute charm.
  • 3 Jennie she is so pretty and has a cute charm.

I say jisoo is the kindest and nicest member on BLACKPINK she may have the visuals but she has a personality too.She has an awesome personality and is really funny/talented. In addition to this her fan base in Southeast Asia is HUGE. In Thailand she is a star that can stand alone as big so that is a big part of why she is more famous. Lisa has a lot more loyal and international fans, as well as most of Thailand.

IU. IU, the esteemed artist known as Lee Ji-Eun, has secured her position as the wealthiest female K-pop idol in 2023, boasting an extraordinary net worth of $40 million.

Who is the second hottest in Blackpink :

  • Korean standards:
  • Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa.
  • For most Kpop groups, the visuals are usually the ones who fit the Korean beauty standards the most. In this case, It's Jisoo.
  • Next would be, Jennie.
  • Rosé would be next.
  • Last, Lisa.
  • American Standards:
  • Jennie, Rosé, Lisa, Jisoo.

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Who is a tomboy in Blackpink

Lisa is known as and portrays the tomboy of the group,style wise.


Answer: Jisoo, an actress and a member of the Korean girl group 'Blackpink', was selected as 'the most beautiful woman in the world'.Yes, he likes her as a friend. They were mc's together, so they got to know each other and he noticed that jisoo is a cute and friendly girl show why not be friends with her.

Is Jisoo prettier than Lisa : But having seen their predebut photos, Jisoo is really the natural beauty of the group. Personally I also find Jisoo to be the most eye catching. But Lisa has a very unique and attractive look to her, which is very interesting.