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Where did the name Jedi come from?
The word Jedi is said to have been adapted by George Lucas from Japanese 時代劇 (jidaigeki) (meaning 'period drama' motion pictures about samurai), or perhaps inspired by the words Jed (Leader) and Jeddak (King) in the Barsoom series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, a series that Lucas considered adapting to film.Ancient times

The Jedi Order began with the Prime Jedi a thousand generations before the Battle of Yavin. The precursors of the Jedi were the Dai Bendu, but the Jedi Order itself was founded in the distant past on planet Ahch-To by the Prime Jedi around 25,025 BBY.The monastic resemblances of the Jedi Knights and the Knights Templar and the similarities between the fall of both orders demonstrate how wide-ranging the Templars' legacy is.

What is the origin of the name Star Wars : The early scripts were originally called The Star Wars, because it was about — you guessed it — a war that takes place among the stars. It's not some metaphorical title. There is a literal war going on between the Empire and the Rebellion. It's a very literal title.

Is Jedi a real name

The word Jedi first and foremost refers to the fictional order of mystical warriors who harness the Force—that all-pervasive spiritual essence that holds in balance the forces of good and evil—and battle their way through the Star Wars movies, light sabers flashing impressively along the way.

Is Rey a Jedi : Rey Skywalker, known only as Rey throughout the First Order-Resistance War, was a human female Jedi Master who fought on the side of the Resistance during the war. A former scavenger from the planet Jakku, her life was changed by the tumultuous events of the last days of the New Republic Era.

It's commonly agreed upon that people like Kanan, Qui Gon, Ahsoka, and Rey are the true embodiments of the jedi, living the message past the fall of their order, free from hubris and living their life fighting the dark side while abstaining from becoming like the dark side.

In the Disney+ series "Obi-Wan Kenobi," Kumail Nanjiani got to pretend to be a Jedi in a world in which they actually exist. Nanjiani played the role of Haja Estree, a con man who pretends to be a Jedi, using tricks and subterfuge to convince people that he is one with the Force in exchange for credits.

How is a Sith named

Sith Lords, in particular, adopt a new name upon their initiation into the Order, prefixing it with the title Darth (e.g., "Darth Vader").Obi Wan Kenobi: Like the word Jedi, this is another homage to the samurai films of Akira Kurosawa and to Japanese culture. An “obi' is the sash used to tie a kimono, “ken” is Japanese for sword and “wan” sounds somewhat like the Japanese honorific “san.”In the Jedi Order, emotional attachment and possession were forbidden because it was believed they could lead to jealousy and fear of loss, and ultimately the dark side of the Force; for that reason, Jedi were not allowed to marry.

Finn, having revealed what he was going to tell Rey to be of his own realization of being Force sensitive, is now training under her as her Jedi Padawan. Rey accidentally hurts Finn's feelings during a training session, making Finn use a wooden toy lightsaber instead of her own.

Who is Rey to Anakin : Rey is Anakin's half sister, and Palpatines relations to Rey through the force. Rey is a genetic experiment/force experiment of immaculate conception orchestrated by palpatine. So Rey is Palpatines daughter or grand daughter, in a metaphorical sense. The same way Anakin is Palpatines son through the force.

What Jedi is Rey : Rey (Star Wars)

Alias Rey Skywalker (adopted name)
Species Human
Occupation Scavenger Jedi
Affiliation Palpatine family (renounced) Resistance Jedi Order Skywalker family (honorary)

Are Jedi weaker than Sith

While the Jedi do some amazing things with the Force, they also hold themselves back a lot and their powers are merely okay. They're limited by what their morality allows them to do. Sith don't have such limits and have used the Force in some truly phenomenal ways.

Anakin Skywalker was one of the most powerful Jedi and Sith in galactic history. The Force was especially strong in the Skywalker bloodline, which culminated in Anakin's grandson, Ben Solo, Organa's son who was born by the end of the Galactic Civil War in 5 ABY.Even though Kylo Ren uses a red lightsaber, harnesses the dark side of the Force, and wears a cape, he is not a Sith. Because of that, he can never hold the title of Darth. Instead, he was just a chaotic mess of the dark side (until he eventually found his way back to the light).

Is Kylo Ren a Sith : History. A dark side warrior with a mysterious past, Kylo Ren was neither Jedi nor Sith, but a product of both sides' teachings. Once an apprentice of Luke Skywalker's, he killed his fellow students and drove Skywalker into exile, becoming a First Order warlord and servant of Supreme Leader Snoke.