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What species is Revan?
A Human male, the individual later known as Revan was born in approximately 3994 BBY, and some believed that he had been born in the Outer Rim Territories. The child who would be remembered as Revan was eventually discovered to be Force-sensitive and was accepted into the Jedi Order.Jedi Knight

In Legends, Revan was a Jedi Knight who broke away from the Jedi Order, became a Dark Lord of the Sith, and formed a Sith Empire that waged war against the Order and the Galactic Republic. While experiencing amnesia, the former Sith was retrained as a Jedi to confront the Sith Empire, Revan's own creation.Revan is an ancient Jedi who is the ancestor of the Skywalker family.

Was Revan a grey Jedi : Unfortunately, his actions led to both he and his apprentice, Malak, falling to the Dark Side and his master, Kreia being tossed from the Council. Revan would rejoin the Light Side of the Force and hunt down Malak and other Sith, but for a short time, he was a Gray Jedi.

What is Revan’s real name

His name is Revan. He was taken from his original parents who we dont know the family name of, by the jedi as a child, thus he has no last name.

Is Darth Revan a human : Darth Revan was a human who was born in 3994 BBY (before the battle of Yavin 4) and died in 3638 BBY. Darth Revans real name is unknown, as well as his gender.

Darth Vader, as of his prime in ROTS, eclipsed Yoda, who was more powerful than Revan. If we're talking about Suit Vader, then Revan wins.

The main and player character of the first game is Revan, and the main and player character of the second game is the Jedi Exile. Both can be either a human male or a human female.

Is KYLO ren based off of Revan

Kylo Ren Probably Knew About (And Was Inspired By) Revan

As is mentioned in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi visual dictionary, one of these artifacts was a Jedi Crusader pendant, referencing the Jedi that joined Revan in the Mandalorian wars.This mask was originally worn as a part of a Mandalorian female's armor, and had a red and gray color. Ten years after her death during the Mandalorians' genocide of the Cathar people on their homeworld in 3973 BBY, the mask was claimed by the Jedi Knight Revan and was immediately donned by the Jedi.Revan triumphs in this contest mostly through statistics. He was the greatest warrior of his time, while Anakin was not.

Darth Revan is pretty much Rey's superior in every way. His Force powers are greater, his lightsaber skills are vastly superior, and he's defeated some of the most formidable warriors in the galaxy. It's doubtful he would have much trouble with her.

Is Darth Revan non binary : You're right – in canon Revan is a male.

Is Revan a Mandalore : No he's not a Mandalorian. However he might as well be based on how he earned the greatest respect from the Mandalorians by being the most badass warrior and military tactician and strategist of his time and the fact that he literally wears a Mandalorian mask. No, Darth revan was a dark lord of the sith.

Is Darth Revan a girl

The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. You're right – in canon Revan is a male.

Yes. Darth Vader, as of his prime in ROTS, eclipsed Yoda, who was more powerful than Revan.Darth Vader, as of his prime in ROTS, eclipsed Yoda, who was more powerful than Revan. If we're talking about Suit Vader, then Revan wins.

Can Revan be a girl : However, Revan's gender in Kotor 2 is determined when. Atton will refer to Revan as a "she" and if you don't choose a certain (funny) conversation option that corrects him and tells him that Revan was indeed a man, your character and everyone else will talk about Revan as if he were a female.