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Was Sidious nice to Vader?
Sidious has Anakin put inside the Darth Vader suit, and purposely hinders its healing capabilities to keep his apprentice in line. Even though Palpatine's kindness towards Anakin was always fake, he still had respect for Anakin's power.No, Palpatine did not care even in the slightest for Vader. Sheev only had affection for himself. He cared for Vader only as a tool and weapon.No, Darth Sidious did not respect Darth Vader. Not likely he feared him but saw his value as a puppet. IMO he respected Sidious's power… I don't think he respected him as a person due to the fact that Palpatine was a narcissistic liar…

Was Sidious disappointed with Vader : Palpatine was disappointed in Vader. That is, until he sensed Vader was trying to use his son Luke to aid him in taking him down at last. He envisioned three outcomes: One, that Luke would slay Vader and embrace Palpatine as his master. Two, that Vader would slay Luke and prove himself to be the worthy successor.

Who did Darth Vader hate

Vader utterly despised Palpatine, and did for a very long time. After Padme died and Palpatine blamed Anakin for her death, this ignited a spark of hatred for his master that would stay with him forever, Anakin blamed Palpatine for Padme's death, and probably his injuries too.

Was Vader afraid of Palpatine : Darth Vader doesn't fear the Emperor, he despises him, just as Vader so vehemently despises himself. So, if not Palpatine, who could Vader possibly fear Well, the answer is deceptively simply, yet incredibly shocking all at the same time: Luke Skywalker.

From the moment Palpatine began to plot his takeover, nothing he did was out of the goodness of his heart. Everything would transpire in a way that would give him power, and any niceties were a way to fool his enemies into underestimating him.

And even tortured him at times this wasn't where his fear came from his fear came from the fact that if he ever lost Sidious. After losing both the Jedi Order.

Who hated Darth Vader

Ancient Sith Lords didn't just hate Vader but Palpatine as well. Here are the reasons they hated Vader specifically: They hated the fact that Vader was a former Jedi. The Ancient Sith through Lord Momin Despises the fact that Vader was not only a former Jedi but one obsessed with them.Vader Hated His Master As Much As He Hated Himself

During the Dark Times of the Empire's reign, Vader's hate for Palpatine would only grow.And even tortured him at times this wasn't where his fear came from his fear came from the fact that if he ever lost Sidious. After losing both the Jedi Order.

All the galaxy. Trembled at the mere mention of his name lord vader if from the darkness. You heard his breathing. You already knew it was far too late seemingly the master of fear.

Who did Palpatine fear most : And that was the death of myrian shaman. And powerful force witch mother talzin. And her coven of night sisters her leadership of the night sisters.

Was Palpatine afraid of any Jedi : In Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith #7 by Charles Soule and Giuseppe Camuncoli, Emperor Palpatine admitted that the Jedi he most feared was not a skilled fighter or a Force prodigy, but a relatively weak Jedi.

Who did Vader respect the most

But none of this kept the Sith Lord from finding a handful of people he could respect, even if he hated some of them.

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The one man he respects is Obi-Wan Kenobi. He hates him. He is deeply envious of him, but it is also very obvious that he has a deep respect for the old jedi.Vader's subservience to Palpatine in Return of the Jedi is a result of his resignation and the belief that serving Palpatine is his inescapable fate until Luke Skywalker shows him a way to redemption by finally letting go of his hate.

Did Vader regret becoming a Sith : The short answer is yes, without a doubt, Vader regretted becoming a cybernetic monstrosity. First, there's the constant pain and discomfort from his suit. Worse, however, is the psychological pain. Vader destroyed everything he had ever known for a chance to save Padme.