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Is Palpatine afraid of Vader?
Palpatine did not fear many individuals but I think I know of one. Yoda, Luke, and Vader are the obvious ones (though he was weary of Vader, not necessarily scared of him), but there is one not many people know about: Jocasta Nu.Up to Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, Palpatine treats Vader poorly, and they very much have an abusive relationship. Darth Vader hates Palpatine yet is eager to please him, whereas Palpatine goes back and forth between acting as a friend and showing his hatred.No, Palpatine did not care even in the slightest for Vader. Sheev only had affection for himself. He cared for Vader only as a tool and weapon.

Is Darth Vader scared of the Emperor : Darth Vader doesn't fear the Emperor, he despises him, just as Vader so vehemently despises himself. So, if not Palpatine, who could Vader possibly fear Well, the answer is deceptively simply, yet incredibly shocking all at the same time: Luke Skywalker.

Who is Darth Vader afraid of

And outsmart a young and very powerful chosen one back in the day left darth vader with a certain spike of fear. Within his heart whenever he thought of kenobi.

Did Sidious fear Yoda : The most damning evidence that Sidious was scared of Yoda comes from the little green Jedi himself: “If so powerful you are…why leave” The only real answer at this point is because Yoda does indeed intimidate Darth Sidious.

No, Darth Sidious did not respect Darth Vader. Not likely he feared him but saw his value as a puppet. IMO he respected Sidious's power… I don't think he respected him as a person due to the fact that Palpatine was a narcissistic liar…

Darth Vader couldn't kill Palpatine before Return of the Jedi because he was everything to him, as that's how consumed with hatred Darth Vader was. It wasn't until he allowed himself to be filled with love for his son, and look past Palpatine at something more important, that Vader was able to finally kill his master.

Could Vader have beaten Palpatine

Vader knew that he could never defeat Palpatine by himself (especially after his master bested him on Exegol as well), which is why he tried to recruit Luke to help overthrow him during the Empire Strikes Back. He may have not been able to overthrow the Emperor, but he could throw him over the railing to save his son.And even tortured him at times this wasn't where his fear came from his fear came from the fact that if he ever lost Sidious. After losing both the Jedi Order.After losing both the Jedi Order. And his wife Sidious was the only person he had left obeying his master's orders. And serving his demands was the only will that Vader had.

Darth Vader Hates Palpatine More Than Obi-Wan (& Himself)

However, by the end of the issue, it's strongly implied that the true source of Darth Vader's hatred was Palpatine, and he used that hatred to crush this Scourge-host with the clenching of his fist.

What was Palpatine’s biggest fear : The Fermata Cage Truly Scares Palpatine

In Star Wars lore, the Fermata Cage is indeed an ancient Sith device that currently holds another Sith Lord. Palpatine sees this Sith as his rival and the only true threat to his galactic empire.

Did Yoda fear Anakin : Over the years, Anakin came to highly respect Yoda, while Yoda gradually outgrew his fear of Anakin and came to have faith in him and correctly came to believe that Anakin was the Chosen One from the Jedi prophecy.

Was Vader ever nice

Darth Vader's nicest moment may not be anything over the top or heroic, but when his life is coming to an end, Darth Vader decides he wants to see his son with his own eyes. He removes his mask, and while this makes him die quicker, it allows him to see Luke properly for the first time.

And even tortured him at times this wasn't where his fear came from his fear came from the fact that if he ever lost Sidious. After losing both the Jedi Order.Vader's innate talent with the Force would have made him more powerful than Palpatine, if not for Palpatine meddling in his life from a young age. As it stands, Palpatine's influence over Vader was too great for Vader's strength to overcome, forcing him to take Palpatine down when he was prone and unaware.

How much did Vader hate Palpatine : Darth Vader Hated Palpatine More Than Even The Jedi

Vader's very existence as Sith was effectively a cage in which he could never escape servitude to Palpatine.