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How long does it take to 100% Star Wars: The Old Republic?
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Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 27 79h 42m
Main + Extras 38 223h 50m
Completionist 3 2238h 20m
All PlayStyles 68 255h 29m

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ offers a Galaxy of possibilities for all players: Play for free up to level 60 and enjoy the original Class and planetary storylines plus the Rise of the Hutt Cartel and Shadow of Revan digital expansions.Updated:

Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 1 5h 55m
Main + Extras 1 14h
All PlayStyles 2 9h 57m

Is Star Wars: The Old Republic worth it : This year and the short answer to that question is yes if you love Star Wars. And you like fun storytelling action-packed gameplay fully voiced immersive uh role-playing games with lots of cut scenes.

How grindy is the Old Republic

It's very grindy, the challenges are things I've done a million times before, and the rewards aren't very good, so it's a perfect example of the awful system. Playing through this season, I've been reminded of what SWTOR used to be and sometimes still is: this awkward marriage of story-driven RPG and unimaginative MMO.

How many endings does Star Wars: The Old Republic have : There are multiple possible endings to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, but one ending is the best conclusion to the epic sci-fi adventure. BioWare's beloved RPG takes place thousands of years before the events of the Star Wars films, letting fans experience a truly unique spin on the saga's world and lore.

Anyone who enjoys Star Wars and video games should still play Star Wars: The Old Republic in 2024. It's set during an exciting time in Star Wars history and, even though it isn't a part of Disney's official canon, it's still a compelling part of Star Wars Legends lore.

I searched for the full file size of the game and found around 35gb.

Is Revan light or dark

In Legends, Revan was a Jedi Knight who broke away from the Jedi Order, became a Dark Lord of the Sith, and formed a Sith Empire that waged war against the Order and the Galactic Republic.Playing the entire game, side missions included, takes an average of 45 hours to complete, so a full playthrough of both morality paths should take just around 90 hours.And no, the game isn't dead, it's still receiving updates, and has a solid playerbase. It's still in development. Broadsword bought the rights to continue the game. They hired 40 of the SWTOR developers from Bioware to continue working on the game.

No, the game is not part of the "official" canon. It is strictly Legends material. It most likely will remain that way indefinitely. Even if they use, say Darth Malgus, in an official story, that only canonizes that version of Malgus, and would not affect SWTOR's status in any way.

Which KOTOR ending is canon : Star Wars: KOTOR Has A Canon Ending

The fact that KOTOR's romantic Light Side ending is canon makes it even more satisfying. While all three endings to Knights of the Old Republic are interesting and react to players' choices, the Light Side ending where Revan romances Bastila is definitely the best outcome.

Can you be a Sith in the Old Republic : The alignment system in Star Wars: The Old Republic works similarly to the Knights of the Old Republic, where key choices determine a character's alignment. Making bad, cruel, or downright evil choices as a Jedi in this Star Wars game will result in a dark side Force user who is Sith in all but name.

Can you play SWTOR solo

You can definitely solo all of them that have a story mode. Available. So they've created about half the flash points have a story mode.


You'll be able to peacefully work your way through the story until the new max-level of 80. Level 70 token: As a returning player, you may notice that when you go to create a new character you may also have the option to make a Level 70 character in addition to making a level 1 character.As a Free-to-Play player, you have a Credit cap of 1 million Credits. Anything you earn over that is held in Escrow. You're restricted in the number of active characters you can have as detailed above. There are also restrictions on endgame content, all of which are outlined in-game.

Is Revan stronger than Vader : Darth Vader, as of his prime in ROTS, eclipsed Yoda, who was more powerful than Revan. If we're talking about Suit Vader, then Revan wins.