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Do New Yorkers actually go to Times Square?
Photos: The Times Square even locals love

Times Square is the most iconic place in New York City, but it's also one of the most maligned. Stop any New Yorker and ask them what part of town they avoid at all costs, and the odds are high that they'd say Times Square.But Times Square isn't just about sightseeing – it also has a wide variety of entertainment options that draw people from all over the globe. As the commercial and cultural heart of New York City, it's home to everything, from street performers and protesters to family-friendly restaurants and attractions.Times Square is one of the world's most visited tourist attractions, drawing an estimated 50 million visitors annually.

Why is Times Square a big deal : And it became a major thoroughfare. For people traveling up and down the island the Dutch expanded this path. And eventually became the road we know today as Broadway. This is why even though

Do celebrities walk around New York

That means that the streets, buildings, restaurants, studios, and parks of New York City are likely to be graced by celebrities frequently.

Can you walk around NYC at night : While Manhattan is generally safe for walking around at night, it's important to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings. Stick to well-lit and busy areas, avoid certain neighborhoods with higher crime rates, and consider implementing the safety tips mentioned.

Definitely a happening place which is great for people watching. As a tourist you MUST go to Times Square when visiting NYC, I mean it when I say it! I have to say is better in person than in pictures, I just felt amazed by the leds of the giant screens.

In fact, it is the most visited place in the world. Annual visitors are recorded at an estimated 50 million. Approximately 330,000 people pass through Times Square daily, many of them tourists, while an estimated 450,000 pedestrians walk through Times Square on its busiest days.

What is a fun fact about Time square

Times Square got its name when the namesake newspaper, The New York Times, took up residence in the building (now known as One Times Square) in 1904. That was the year the mayor of New York renamed Longacre Square after the paper, though it took less than a decade for the Times to relocate again.That said, there are quite a few places (and people) that you'll want to avoid when touring this Manhattan hub. The popular square (it sees about 360,000 visitors daily, according to the official website) is rife with people willing to exploit unsuspecting tourists, which is a big reason locals steer clear of the area.Overall, 83% of those polled said they “felt safe,” even after high-profile incidents and subsequent media coverage. The majority (67%) of those who said they felt unsafe gave reasons more to do with quality-of- life issues than public safety.

You're Most Likely To Spot A Celebrity At These New York Gems

  • Central Park is a favorite filming location and celeb hangout.
  • Celebrities love dining at Nobu.
  • Broadway attracts stars both on and off the stage.
  • The Bowery Hotel is an A-lister hotspot.
  • Multiple TV shows film at Rockefeller Center.

Do celebrities prefer New York or LA : Ultimately, the choice between LA and NYC often depends on an individual celebrity's preferences, career aspirations, and personal ties. Some may opt for the sunny skies and glamorous lifestyle of Los Angeles, while others gravitate towards the fast-paced, culturally rich environment of New York City.

Is it safe to walk in downtown Brooklyn : As long as you're smart about how you travel and where you go you should be fine. In general, it is safer to walk around in groups, especially after dark, so pay extra attention to what is happening around you if you're alone. If possible try to avoid unpopulated areas at night.

Is New York a walkable city

The survey named New York City as the nation's most walkable city, with Boston and Washington, D.C. close behind. Perhaps surprisingly, Los Angeles ranked #8. The report uses real estate and rental data and factors including proximity to amenities.

For all New York City's hustle and bustle and media depictions of crime-riddled cities, residents and tourists alike generally find Times Square a safe place to be, a new survey said.Stay in the Time's Square/Theater District neighborhood if you want to be conveniently located to attractions like the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center and also hit a few Broadway shows during your stay.

What part of NYC is most visited : Times Square is the hub of the Broadway theater district and a major cultural venue in Midtown Manhattan. The pedestrian intersection also has one of the highest annual attendance rates of any tourist attraction in the world, estimated at 60 million including daytrippers.