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Did Steve Jobs get a degree?
A relentless drive to make sophisticated technology easy, simple and fun to use was the hallmark of Steve Jobs' success. He helped usher in the era of the personal computer (PC), launching his company – and the Apple II computer – from his parents' garage in the 1970s with his business partner, Steve Wozniak.Steve Jobs was proactive and thrived on setting goals and working hard. He was determined, ambitious, self-motivated, energetic and enterprising, spearheading companies like Apple, NEXT & Pixar.Jobs was not an engineer, an IT professional, or even a college graduate. Still, he was able to make lasting contributions to the technology and business worlds. Engineers, IT professionals, and business executives can learn valuable lessons by studying his career.

What did Steve Jobs study : Steve Jobs was a student at Reed College in the fall of 1972 and majored in English. After just one semester, he dropped out but continued living on campus with friends and auditing classes, including Shakespeare, modern dance, and calligraphy.

What was Steve Jobs’ IQ

roughly 160 or above

"Steve Jobs likely had an IQ roughly 160 or above. Near the end of 4th grade Jobs was tested. Jobs said: 'I scored at the high school sophomore level. ' This means he was a 4th grader performing at the 10th grade level.

Did Steve Jobs know coding : Here is a snippet from Wozniak's website: Does Steve Jobs know how to code Steve didn't ever code. He wasn't an engineer and he didn't do any original design, but he was technical enough to alter and change and add to other designs.

Mark Zuckerberg did not graduate from Harvard. He attended the university as an undergraduate but dropped out. Mr. Zuckerberg received an honorary doctorate from Harvard in 2017.

between 155 and 160

As mentioned earlier, Elon Musk's IQ score is believed to be between 155 and 160. Above-average IQ scores within this range are only reserved for the "Highly Gifted" IQ classification.

Is 197 a high IQ

The average score on an IQ test is 100. Most people fall within the 85 to 114 range. Any score over 140 is considered a high IQ. A score over 160 is considered a genius IQ.Starting Out: In 6th grade, Mark showed natural coding talent; his dad hired private tutor David Newman, a software developer. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's co-founder, began as a young coding enthusiast. He crafted an early Spotify version, Synapse Media Player, in high school, catching AOL and Microsoft's attention.Bill Gates never finished his undergraduate degree — the billionaire dropped out of Harvard University after three semesters to start Microsoft. “What does a college dropout know about graduation

Jeff Bezos graduated from Princeton University with degrees in computer science and electrical engineering.

What is Bill Gates’s IQ : Bill Gates' IQ is often estimated to be around 160.

It can be inferred from his early admission to Harvard University, his near-perfect SAT score, his achievements in creating and developing Microsoft, and his well-documented aptitude for mathematics and logical thinking from a young age.

What is Taylor Swift’s IQ : According to some acclaimed websites, she is said to have an IQ of 160. As a matter of fact, she is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest singer ever to sign at age 11.

Who has 400 IQ

Adragon De Mello

It's hard to believe such people exist. Nata-bird wrote: Adragon De Mello (IQ Score: 400)His record was broken in 1994 by another student, but today, De Mello is known to have one of the highest IQ scores in all of human history – an IQ score of 400!

Meaning of IQ

85 to 115 – Two thirds of us have an IQ in this range: the 'average' IQ is 100. Over 135 – You are in the top 1%.I say this because at his early startup ventures (Zip2), he did use to code. In fact, he was a prolific coder, producing large amounts of code by pulling all nighters at his office. But he was soon replaced by better, more efficient coder in his own company because of two reasons: Elon Musk is a self taught programmer.

Does Bezos know coding : No, Jeff Bezos doesn't write any code whatsoever. He pays people to code.