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Did revan know Anakin was Vader?
Very few people knew that Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker were the same person up to his death in 5 ABY. Imperials who knew in the current canon: Sidious (emperor), Grand Moff Tarkin, all or most of the Inquisitors, Grand Admiral Thrawn, various clones in the early empire.Those people but by the end he understood. That it was all a lie his master sidious had poisoned his mind with. So much of his lies. That i think he was just done he was going to destroy.However trailing right behind sapal was his young red-haired Padawan calcustus. They then spoke for a brief moment before eventually going their separate ways.

Could Darth Revan beat Anakin : Revan triumphs in this contest mostly through statistics. He was the greatest warrior of his time, while Anakin was not.

Does R2 know Vader is Anakin

R2-D2 was present when Padmé gave birth to Leia and Luke, so he knew Luke was Anakin's son – but what he didn't know was that Anakin became Darth Vader. In addition to that, Anakin's fall was surely a painful event in R2-D2's life, one that he definitely wouldn't like to remember or even talk about.

Did Rex ever meet Vader : After Ashoka and Vader face off in season two (the season finale, I believe), Ashoka has a moment of realization, and Rex has a similar, though less prominent moment like that in a later season. Unfortunately, Rex and Vader never meet again though.

Darth Vader, as of his prime in ROTS, eclipsed Yoda, who was more powerful than Revan. If we're talking about Suit Vader, then Revan wins.

His redemption does obviously play a role in who he is overall, but Darth Revan, through his invading the Republic and seeking to conquer, was unquestionably evil, albeit perhaps not as evil as other Sith.

Did Anakin ever meet Cal Kestis

On. How they actually met and then we can read the excerpt from the novel itself. So this is during a moment in the Jedi Temple where Anakin is being knighted.For one, Cal can't kill Darth Vader because of what's already been established in the lore and continuity that was created long before Cal ever appeared in the Star Wars Jedi franchise.Therefore, considering both experience and powers, a Jedi Revan at the height of his powers could flair well against Palpatine in a fight.

in the Dark Horse comic series star Wars Tales, which is now part of legends, it's revealed that Darth Vader did recognize C. 3PO on Cloud City. when 3PO was shot by Stormtroopers, his parts were brought before Vader. because the Imperials thought he could hold valuable.

Why doesn’t Darth Vader remember C-3PO : Darth Vader acts like he doesn't even know C-3PO or R2D2. They were with him since he was a child. He did everything he could to forget his past. Also, his plating had been replaced many times, and protocol droids all look very similar.

Does Maul know who Vader is : Did Maul know Anakin would become Darth Vader in Star Wars Rebels (2014-2018) He, on some level, knew that Vader was once Anakin, but he knew of his master's (Sidious) plans that he would turn Anakin into his final and most powerful apprentice much before Rebels, only after he had escaped the reactor on Naboo.

Can Darth Revan beat Rey

Darth Revan is pretty much Rey's superior in every way. His Force powers are greater, his lightsaber skills are vastly superior, and he's defeated some of the most formidable warriors in the galaxy. It's doubtful he would have much trouble with her.

Darth Revan

Many have described him as being the most powerful Force User of all time, making him superior to even Luke Skywalker and Yoda. Darth Revan had the ability to wield the powers of both the light side and dark side of the Force.Star Wars: 13 Sith Who Weren't Actually Evil

  • 4 Visas Marr Eventually Fought Against The Sith.
  • 3 Darth Plagueis Didn't Seek Galactic Control Like Many Other Sith.
  • 2 Count Dooku Was Fed Up With Political Games And Corruption.
  • 1 Kylo Ren Had A Spark Of Good In Him That Rey Nurtured.

Who is the most evil Darth : Darth Sidious

But he wasn't the man with the plan. Without the Emperor's manipulation, Vader never would have risen from the pits of Mustafar™ to be Dark Lord of the Sith™. For that reason alone, Darth Sidious takes the top spot.